Nelson organic buying co-operative in containers adjacent to the Earth Hub.

Opening Hours: Wednesday 9am - 3pm | Thursday 4pm - 7pm |Saturday  9am - noon

Nelson Organic Co-op

Nelson Organic Co-op

environmentally sustainable business

environmentally sustainable

Members only buying co-operative

Members only buying

Organic Co-op Nelson



Nelson Organic Co-op

Members only organic buying co-operative

We no longer operate as a retail store, but as an organic buying co-operative for our existing and future members in containers adjacent to the Earth Hub.

Owned by the community, the Nelson Organic Co-operative is an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable venture that makes high quality, ethically produced, ecologically sound and reasonably priced organic goods available to our members.

Ethical, Inclusive, Fair, Ecologically Sound,
Be the Change

supporting organic producers

We strongly support local and national producers of organic goods to encourage greater production within Aotearoa / New Zealand.​ We are committed to reducing waste and packaging. Fill your own containers & bags, providing bulk & on tap.

Our Products

community & environment

We thrive when people from all walks of life join our journey to establish an interconnected, flourishing community.
Caring for our land as well as our people.

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Nelson Organic Co-op is a vibrant part of sustaining Nelson’s organic future.
Our model of resilient co-operative ownership provides inspiration for others.

Our new location: 237 Haven Road in Nelson,
next door to the Earth Hub.

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237 Haven Road in Nelson

at the Nelson EARTH HUB


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Nelson Organic Co-op

Vibrant part of sustaining Nelson's organic future. Our model of co-operative ownership will provide inspiration for others. Ecologically sound, Fair, Inclusive, Ethical, Be the change.

Nelson Organic Co-operative
237 Haven Road in Nelson