Use of Round-Up/Glyphosate in our Parks, Reserves and on the Road Verges

Many of you will have organic gardens.  Some of you may even register your garden as organic and ask for a spray-free zone outside your property.  
At the moment a number of people are questioning the extensive use of Round-Up in our reserves and parks.  
If you live in the Nelson City Council area, you can register your property as spray-free.  This means that Council will not use sprays around your property, e.g. on the street or footpath outside.  It also means that the more people who are requesting a spray-free zone, the more likely they are to look at alternatives for weed control (e.g some places use hot steam on pavements).  
You can find out more info here and sign up your property.

AGM 2020 guest speaker, Hannah O'Malley of "The Better Base" and member of the Nelson Tasman Climate Forum Food sub-group on the subject "How eating well can help save the planet".

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Past Events

Getting to the Heart of Stress with Alison Ramsay

This fun, informative workshop is for you if you want to learn:
~ How to feel calmer, more at ease and more in control of your body and life.
~ The root cause of stress, what that looks like in your body and how to transform (not just manage) it.
~ A renewed sense of inner peace and appreciation for yourself.
~ The downstream effects of stress, how your current health challenges are connected, and what do to about it.
~ How the HEART (yes, the actual organ) is key in transforming stress not just in the moment, but for the rest of your life.
~ How perception and emotional resiliency are FUNDAMENTAL in stopping stress in it's tracks!
~ Scientifically proven, simple and downright FREE strategies you can use immediately to begin reducing your stress levels and changing your health for the better!

Alison Ramsay is a Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach with 20 years experience in the health and wellness field and is also our very own co-op staff and member!

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Connecting with Sacred Incan Plants

Hosted by Seleno Health - The Maca Experts

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we sell yellow maca in bulk at the co-op

maca cacao ceremony workshop august2020

237 Haven Road in Nelson

at the Nelson EARTH HUB


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